Hotmail: more than two decades changing the world

Since the emergence of Hotmail in the 1990s, it has done more than provide a mail service. In fact, it unleashed a series of technological advances that have changed the world. We invite you to review unpublished details that you do not know about the exciting story of Hotmail. In addition, know the latest Hotmail advances that continue to change our lives. 

The mail before Hotmail 

Before the arrival of Hotmail, checking our email from anywhere was impossible. Doing a bit of history, to be able to access an email account was making a download to the PC. This download included all the content of the email that was consulted. With the speed of the early eras of the Internet, this was a marathon task.

With the arrival of Hotmail on the scene and its swallowing by Microsoft, the world scene was about to change. Do you want to know part of this exciting story? Let’s see.

A small ideal with huge projection 

In 1995, two Stamford students combined their efforts to design an email system. The goal was to be able to communicate and be in touch without being detected by the computers of Apple Computer. Both were employees of this company and if this were discovered, they would be fired. If Steve Jobs had known what they were about to create!

Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia are the two names of the students from whom they first incubated the idea of ​​ login  Of course, to materialize it they needed at least 300 thousand dollars. It would not take long for a sponsor, Draper Fisher, to provide the funds for 15% of the profits.

It was at this crucial moment that they came to mind to name the HoTMaiL service. The idea comes from the source language for the design of HTML websites.

Hotmail fever starts 

On July 4, 1996, during the celebration of American Independence Day, Hotmail was launched for the first time. The reception was incredible, more than 40 million people had at their disposal a fast, original and innovative system to communicate. They had never seen anything that matched him.

In a short time, the number of people using Hotmail multiplied exponentially. For example, after only four months, Hotmail would reach the figure of more than half a million users. This was a resounding and overwhelming success. But before that happened that same year Hotmail would go on to show off nothing more and nothing less than 6 million users.

They were before the Hotmail era, because this service came to change the world, and the possibilities that were opened were also endless.

An irresistible offer 

You can not achieve so much success without attracting the attention of computer giants. For this then Apple Computer considered Bathia and Smith as traitors, while Bill Gates looked at them with different eyes. Before the end of 1996, the creators of Hotmail would be cited by the computer giant Bill Gates. The intention: to make an irresistible offer.

Hotmail grew by leaps and bounds, Bathia and Smith did not have the technological platform to support future users. So they needed the resources of whoever could keep Hotmail in existence.

Although they requested at the beginning 500 million dollars, in the end they agreed to the irresistible sum of 400 million dollars. On December 31, 1997, Hotmail became Microsoft.

Since then, Hotmail has grown to more than 360 million users globally. It has even changed its name, it is no longer available as but as Outlook. However, in order to access the mail, you still use .

Keep changing the world 

Hotmail continues to change the world with innovation after innovation. He recently undertook one of the most ambitious redesigns he has headed up to now. Total integration in the Office webmail. This is a tremendous advance, as it not only makes it possible to visualize the documents, but also to edit and share them.

You can even create rules that govern the entry and storage of emails to the input flag. To make matters worse, viewing Youtube videos, accepting invitations from Facebook or LinkedIn, or viewing Flickr photos, is possible without having to leave the inbox.

We are sure that Hotmail will continue to amaze us and make our lives easier.


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